Frametale is an Istanbul based creative agency specializing in full-service entertainment marketing. Founded and led by creative director Dogan Can Gundogdu who has been recognised internationally for his work in motion picture advertisement.

His first publicly acclaimed personal project was in 2012. Gundogdu wrote and directed the unofficial main title for Warner Bros' feature film The Dark Knight Rises and an infographic design for Interstellar which instantly gained monumental attention, including international publications, articles, interviews. His work has been featured in various publications. Soon thereafter, Gundogdu was contacted by Academy Award Producers known for The Hurt Locker and Dallas Buyers Club. He was requested to wrote and direct the official main title for feature film Seal Team Six produced by National Geographic Channel, TWC and Voltage Pictures. Seal Team Six was premiered on November 4, 2012 in U.S.A and it was National Geographic Channel's first feature-length film.

In 2014, Gundogdu launched his own creative agency named Frametale Visual Arts and Production, Inc and serves as President and Creative Director of the firm.